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  • Printight
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       We have been leading the letterpress printing as the pioneer of water-wash photo-sensitive printing plate Printight®.
Wide range if applications and characteristics of Toyobo Printight® are shown in this catalogue.
Please check each application and find out an appropriate plate you need.

Printight Characteristics

1. Washout with water

Toyobo Printight® makes customers of this system possible to use ordinary water for washout.

2. transparent and flexible plate

Transparent polyester film as a support material gives excellent dimensional stability and easy processability to printing machines. Steel base plates are also available.

3. Slip coat

Has slip coat to get good contact between the plate and the negative film. You can use plain negative film.

Spectral sensitivity


Thickness tolerance

±0.010mm(Film base)
±0.015mm(Metal base)

Resolving capability

150–200 lines/inch

Minimum dot image

0.10mm in diameter (0.004")

Minimum line image

0.03mm in width (0.0011")



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